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Ice Effex

4.2 ( 2432 ratings )
Образ жизни Образование
Разработчик H.G Cooke & T.J Lonel
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Ice Effex is an educational tool for young people, parents, teachers, community & social workers; in fact Ice Effex can be used by anyone! It provides people with the ability to see what their face may look like, over a period of time using the drug Ice. With icons at every stage it provides you with information about the effects of Ice use; on your teeth, your skin and your hair.

Since its first release, Ice Effex has received global recognition featuring in news article around the world including, the New York Times, The Sun UK, Heute Germany, The Daily Times and

It’s also been featured on radio stations in Australia & abroad, as well as being presented on American TV shows The Talk and The Doctors’.

With downloads spanning across 76 countries, a top 5 trending app in Australia, Austria, the UK and Canada, Ice Effex is truly raising awareness about the devastating effects methamphetamine addiction is having on communities on a global scale.

2016 has delivered new updates and promising integration into community education.

Download the app today for the new updates including 5 new facial iterations and leave us your feedback and a rating.

Your downloads and feedback are integral to raising awareness about ice addiction and preventing unnecessary deaths and trauma.